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Nwa Cleaning Equipment now has Hot Water Pressure Washer Trailer, Trailer can be rented daily, weekly, weekends or monthly.




HDS- The perfect hot water pressure washer for car dealers, building service contractors, agriculture and municipal use. The super class hot water pressure washers offer optimum cleaning performance,

Price - $ 7495.00

Surface Cleaner

WaterJET, Surface Cleaner. The market’s premier surface cleaner, the Water Jet is perfectly suited for cleaning a variety of flat surfaces. It attaches easily to a hot or cold water pressure washer to “mow” the grime away. 

Price - $ 2500.00

Hot Electric Pressure Washer

HDS Mini. 20 amp plug & efficient and compact downdraft-fired burner uses far less fuel than standard heat exchangers. Units come standard with low-fuel shut-off, low-water protection, high-temperature shut-off, thermal overload protection, soft-grip gun, and 50’ hose. 

Price - $4200.00

Gas & Diesel Hot Pressure Washer

MHC - Direct Drive. MHC HOT WATER DIESEL-HEATED GAS-POWERED Self-Contained, Gasoline-Powered, Diesel-Heated, Hot Water Pressure Washer „ Up to 3.5 GPM, 3500 PSI „ Heavy-Duty Honda „ Direct Drive. 

Price - $ 7400.00

Truck or Trailer mounted Soft Wash

Customer Favorite

TULE 4.0/4000

Trailer Mounted Pressure Washer


hot & cold Pressure Washers,
and Trailers

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Our medium and super class hot water pressure washers feature a unique ECO mode that automatically adjusts to the most economical temperature range.

3 Main Benefits:

  • Faster results and shorter drying times.

  • Germ-reducing effect without detergents.

  • Protection of surfaces.


more about Karcher pressure washers

Perfect for removing dirt, grime, grease and oil stains.

Offering hot water pressure washers, cold water pressure washers, hot water generators, ultra-high pressure washers, and customizable pressure washer trailers to help workers save time, money and resources.

And a variety of pressure washer accessories and high-performing detergents.


Cold Water

Electric & Gas/Diesel 

Kärcher's cold water gas and diesel pressure washers are built on steel and aluminum frames for the purpose of removing stubborn dirt and debris from any outdoor surface.

Kärcher cold water electric pressure washers range from hand held units to roll cages and are design for removing stubborn dirt and debris from indoor and outdoor surfaces.

All Kärcher cold water power washers are certified to UL and CSA safety standards.

Hot Water

Electric, Gas/Diesel, & Generators 

Kärcher hot water electric pressure washers remove grease and grime. Their low emissions and reduced noise level allow cleaning in more sensitive outdoor applications.

Karcher hot water gas and diesel pressure washers are engineered for removing grease, grime, oil, paint stripping and other tough outdoor cleaning applications. 

Kärcher's hot water generators provide on-demand hot water – perfect for removing grease, grime and oil. 

Kärcher models are certified to UL and CSA safety standards.


1 Model

Ultra-high pressure washers provide more power for demanding tasks. Thanks to ultra-high pressure (UHP), even the most stubborn dirt and coatings can be reliably removed. Ideal for the toughest applications in industry and construction.


4 Models

Kärcher's customizable mobile pressure washer trailer is a rugged and convenient solution for on-site cleaning.

Kärcher pressure washer trailer models are certified by the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) to meet requirements determined by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

They provide a large water tank on-board, and all Kärcher hot water power washers are certified to UL and CSA safety standards.

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