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Belt Drive Cold 

3.5gpm/3500 psi

Landa Cold Belt Drive Pressure Washer. 2700 Psi/3.0 GPM. Industrial-duty Gasoline-Powered Honda Engine with 3-year warranty, overhead valves and easy-access oil drain line.



Landa PHW

3.9 gpm/3000 psi


PHW HOT WATER PORTABLE DIESEL-HEATED Portable, Electric-Powered, Diesel-Heated, Hot Water Pressure Washer. High-efficiency Burner is shielded by overhanging cover and features a Fuel-Water Separator for fuel pump protection. Patented Cool-Bypass* system keeps pump water temperature low while in bypass. Large capacity 2.9-gallon water Float Tank with corrosion-free durable PVC float valve.  


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Customer Favorite- HD 1.8

The HD 1.8/13 C compact cold water pressure washer offers maximum portability, maneuverability and smart features. It can be stored, transported and operated in the vertical and horizontal position, and at 55.6 lbs, this professionally built unit can easily be moved by one person in and out of vehicles.


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TULE 4.0 gpm/4000 psi

 Kärcher's Tule Series HDS 3.5/40 Ge MT hot water pressure washer trailer provides the necessary cleaning power on virtually any job site which has a water source. Simply unhitch the Tule Series HDS 3.5/40 and take the cleaning power where you need it most. Electric start with manual start backup Controls located on the curb side of the trailer Easy to use - only 2 switches to operate the entire unit 12V Battery included for hot water operation. 


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Belt Driven 2700/3.0pgm

Customer Favorite- Belt Drive 2700 PSI. 3.0 gpm cold pressure washer. 

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LANDA Pressure Washers: Products
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Hot & Cold Pressure Washers

Electric & Gas/Diesel Models

LANDA's electric-powered hot & cold water pressure washers are rugged, durable, and versatile. Whether you need a portable or skid-mounted power washer, we have got you covered. All models are certified to UL and CSA safety standards.

Our gas and diesel powered hot & cold water pressure washers combine the best in dependability and performance. For your toughest cleaning challenges, our industrial hot water pressure washers deliver. 

LANDA Pressure Washers: Welcome

PHW Series


Electric Powered Hot Water

Our flagship electric powered, diesel heated pressure washer. Whether cleaning hog confinements, farm equipment, or fleet vehicles, the PHW series is built to deliver top quality results.

HOT Series


Electric Powered Hot Water

Efficient and reliable, the HOT is designed for ease of operation as well as portability. Includes rugged components, including our SureFire diesel burner and our long lasting Dura-Coil.

ENG Series


Electric Powered Hot Water

The ENG features our Cool-Bypass system to keep water temperatures low to help extend the life of the pump, and our Tru-Tite system which helps to reduce wear and tear on the belt.

VHG Series


Electric Powered Hot Water

Compact yet heavy duty, VHG is ideal for congested work areas where space is at a premium. Delivers enough power to clean a variety of challenges. Optional wireless remote control available.

MHC Series


Gas Powered Hot Water

With a rugged frame, stainless steel top wrap, and 13" flat-free tires, the MHC is both durable and portable, and easy to maneuver over flat surfaces and around corridors and hallways.

PGDC Series


Gas Powered Hot Water

Rugged skid frame washer for robust cleaning performance at a great price. With a Honda or Vanguard engine and SureFire Burner, the PGDC can tackle virtually any outdoor cleaning project.

PGHW Series


Gas Powered Hot Water

Rugged design with a compact footprint. Mount to a pickup or trailer, this gas-powered machine travels to wherever grime needs to be attacked. Solid performance and unmatched reliability.

PDHW Series


Diesel Hot Water

Great “mid-size” choice for your cleaning needs! The PDHW fills the gap for those looking for the versatility of a compact pressure washer with the cleaning power of a full-size skid unit.

HD Series


Electric Powered Cold Water

Designed for versatility, the HD Electric carts are corrosion-resistant aluminum pressure washers that easily convert from a cart to a skid for maximum cleaning agility and durability.

PE Series


Electric Powered Cold Water

The PE cold water pressure washer features high quality components to make cleaning tasks safe and easy. With ten models to choose from, you'll find the perfect fit for your cleaning needs.

MPE Series


Electric Powered Cold Water

Portable and rugged, the MPE comes with a steel roll cage, lifting bar, and flat-free tires for easy maneuverability, making it an excellent choice for tackling a variety of cleaning sites.

HD Series


Cold Water Gas

Compact and corrosion-resistant, the HD Gas can be utilized as a cart or a skid for maximum cleaning versatility and durability. Easy to maneuver with puncture proof, flat-free tires.

MP Series


Cold Water Gas/Diesel

No other cold water pressure washer on the market offers the versatility of the MP. Features a high-impact steel roll cage and lifting bar, and 4 tires for easy all-terrain maneuverability.

PG Series


Cold Water Gas

The PG is the most popular machine for everyday use in a variety of industrial cleaning applications. It features a rugged chassis, 13" tires, and a high-quality Honda or Vanguard engine.

PC Series


Cold Water Gas

The PC series cold-water pressure washer is easy to transport from job to job, and offers an array of options and features for cleaning multiple surfaces indoors and outdoors.

LANDA Pressure Washers: Products
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